Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Deployment Planning Guide

ProcedureTo determine the required number of HADB nodes

  1. Determine the following parameters:

    • Maximum number of concurrent users, nusers.

    • Average BLOB size, s.

    • Maximum transaction rate per user, referred to as NTPS.

  2. Determine the size in Gigabytes of the maximum primary data volume, V data.

    Use the following formula:

    Vdata = nusers . s

  3. Determine the maximum HADB data transfer rate, R dt.

    This reflects the data volume shipped into HADB from the application side. Use the following formula:

    Rdt = nusers . s . NTPS

  4. Determine the number of nodes, N NODES,.

    Use the following formula:

    NNODES = Vdata /5GB

    Round this value up to an even number, since nodes work in pairs.