Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Performance Tuning Guide

Tuning the EJB Pool

A bean in the pool represents the pooled state in the EJB lifecycle. This means that the bean does not have an identity. The advantage of having beans in the pool is that the time to create a bean can be saved for a request. The container has mechanisms that create pool objects in the background, to save the time of bean creation on the request path.

Stateless session beans and entity beans use the EJB pool. Keeping in mind how you use stateless session beans and the amount of traffic your server handles, tune the pool size to prevent excessive creation and deletion of beans.

EJB Pool Settings

An individual EJB component can specify cache settings that override those of the EJB container in the <bean-pool> element of the EJB component’s sun-ejb-jar.xml deployment descriptor.

The EJB pool settings are: