Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Performance Tuning Guide

ORB Thread Pool Parameters

The ORB thread pool contains a task queue and a pool of threads. Tasks or jobs are inserted into the task queue and free threads pick tasks from this queue for execution. Do not set a thread pool size such that the task queue is always empty. It is normal for a large application’s Max Pool Size to be ten times the size of the current task queue.

The Enterprise Server uses the ORB thread pool to:

Thus, even when one is not using ORB for remote-calls (via RMI/ IIOP), set the size of the threadpool to facilitate cleaning up the EJB pools and caches.

Set ORB thread pool attributes under Configurations > config-name > Thread Pools > thread-pool-ID, where thread-pool-ID is the thread pool ID selected for the ORB. Thread pools have the following attributes that affect performance.

In particular, the maximum pool size is important to performance. For more information, see Thread Pool Sizing.