Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Performance Tuning Guide

Connector Connection Pool Settings

From a performance standpoint, connector connection pools are similar to JDBC connection pools. Follow all the recommendations in the previous section, Tuning JDBC Connection Pools

Transaction Support

You may be able to improve performance by overriding the default transaction support specified for each connector connection pool.

For example, consider a case where an Enterprise Information System (EIS) has a connection factory that supports local transactions with better performance than global transactions. If a resource from this EIS needs to be mixed with a resource coming from another resource manager, the default behavior forces the use of XA transactions, leading to lower performance. However, by changing the EIS’s connector connection pool to use LocalTransaction transaction support and leveraging the Last Agent Optimization feature previously described, you could leverage the better-performing EIS LocalTransaction implementation. For more information on LAO, see Configure JDBC Resources as One-Phase Commit Resources

In the Admin Console, specify transaction support when you create a new connector connection pool, and when you edit a connector connection pool at Resources > Connectors > Connector Connection Pools.

Also set transaction support using asadmin. For example, the following asadmin command could be used to create a connector connection pool “TESTPOOL” with the transaction-support as “LOCAL”.

asadmin> create-connector-connection-pool --raname jdbcra 
--connectiondefinition javax.sql.DataSource 
-transactionsupport LocalTransaction