Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Logging Dead Messages

You can monitor physical destinations by enabling dead message logging for a broker. You can log dead messages whether or not you are using a dead message queue.

If you enable dead message logging, the broker logs the following types of events:

If a dead message queue is in use, logging also includes the following types of events:

The following is an example of the log format for dead messages:

[29/Mar/2006:15:35:39 PST] [B1147]: Message 8-
35251-1143675279400 from destination Q:q0 has been placed on the DMQ because 
[B0053]: Message on destination Q:q0 Expired: expiration time 1143675279402, 
arrival time 1143675279401, JMSTimestamp 1143675279400

Dead message logging is disabled by default. To enable it, set the broker attribute imq.destination.logDeadMsgs.