Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Viewing Administered Object Properties

You can use the Properties command on the Administration Console’s Actions menu to view or modify the properties of an administered object.

ProcedureTo View or Modify the Properties of an Administered Object

  1. Select Connection Factories or Destinations under the object store’s name in the Administration Console window’s navigation pane.

    A list of the available connection factory or destination administered objects will appear in the result pane, showing the lookup name and type of each (as well as the destination name in the case of destination administered objects).

  2. Select an administered object by clicking on its name in the result pane.

  3. Choose Properties from the Actions menu.

    The Connection Factory Object Properties or Destination Object Properties dialog box will appear, similar to the Add Connection Factory Object (Figure 2–13) or Add Destination Object (Figure 2–14) dialog. You can use this dialog box to change the selected object’s configuration attributes. Note, however, that you cannot change the object’s lookup name; the only way to do this is the delete the object and then add a new administered object with the desired lookup name.

  4. Click OK to accept the new attribute values and dismiss the dialog box.