Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Viewing Broker Information

To display information about a single broker, use the imqcmd query bkr subcommand:

   imqcmd query bkr  -b hostName:portNumber

This lists the current settings of the broker’s properties, as shown in Example 5–1.

Example 5–1 Broker Information Listing

Querying the broker specified by:
Host         Primary Port
localHost    7676

Version                                              4.3
Instance Name                                        imqbroker
Broker ID                                            mybroker
Primary Port                                         7676
Broker is Embedded                                   false
Instance Configuration/Data Root Directory           /var/imq

Current Number of Messages in System                 0
Current Total Message Bytes in System                0

Current Number of Messages in Dead Message Queue     0
Current Total Message Bytes in Dead Message Queue    0
Log Dead Messages                                    true
Truncate Message Body in Dead Message Queue          false

Max Number of Messages in System                     unlimited (-1)
Max Total Message Bytes in System                    unlimited (-1)
Max Message Size                                     70m

Auto Create Queues                                   true
Auto Create Topics                                   true
Auto Created Queue Max Number of Active Consumers    1
Auto Created Queue Max Number of Backup Consumers    0

Cluster ID                                           myClusterID
Cluster Is Highly Available                          true
Cluster Broker List (active)                         
Cluster Broker List (configured)                     
Cluster Master Broker                                
Cluster URL                                          

Log Level                                            INFO
Log Rollover Interval (seconds)                      604800
Log Rollover Size (bytes)                            unlimited (-1)

The imqcmd metrics bkr subcommand displays detailed metric information about a broker’s operation:

   imqcmd metrics bkr  [-b hostName:portNumber]
                       [-m metricType]
                       [-int interval]
                       [-msp numSamples]

The -m option specifies the type of metric information to display:

The -int and -msp options specify, respectively, the interval (in seconds) at which to display the metrics and the number of samples to display in the output. The default values are 5 seconds and an unlimited number of samples.

For example, the following command displays the rate of message flow into and out of the default broker (host localhost at port 7676) at 10-second intervals:

   imqcmd metrics bkr  -m rts  -int 10  -u admin

Example 5–2 shows an example of the resulting output.

Example 5–2 Broker Metrics Listing

 Msgs/sec   Msg Bytes/sec   Pkts/sec    Pkt Bytes/sec   
 In   Out     In      Out     In   Out     In      Out  
 0     0      27      56      0     0      38      66   
 10    0     7365     56      10    10    7457    1132  
 0     0      27      56      0     0      38      73   
 0     10     27     7402     10    20    1400    8459  
 0     0      27      56      0     0      38      73

For a more detailed description of the data gathered and reported by the broker, see Brokerwide Metrics.

For brokers belonging to a broker cluster, the imqcmd list bkr subcommand displays information about the configuration of the cluster; see Displaying a Cluster Configuration for more information.