Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Updating Connection Service Properties

You can use the imqcmd update svc subcommand to change the value of one or more of the service properties listed in Table 6–2. See Connection Properties for a description of these properties.

Table 6–2 Connection Service Properties Updated by Command Utility




Port assigned to the service to be updated (does not apply to httpjms or httpsjms)

A value of 0 means the port is dynamically allocated by the Port Mapper.


Minimum number of threads assigned to the service


Maximum number of threads assigned to the service 

The imqcmd update svc subcommand has the following syntax:

   imqcmd update svc   -n serviceName
                      [-b hostName:portNumber]
                       -o property1=value1  [[-o property2=value2]…]

For example, the following command changes the minimum number of threads assigned to the jms connection service on the default broker (host localhost at port 7676) to 20:

   imqcmd update svc  -o minThreads=20  -u admin