Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Updating Physical Destination Properties

The subcommand imqcmd update dst changes the values of specified properties of a physical destination:

   imqcmd update dst  -t destType  -n destName
                      -o property1=value1  [ [-o property2=value2] … ]

The properties to be updated can include any of those listed in Table 17–1 (with the exception of the isLocalOnly property, which cannot be changed once the destination has been created). For example, the following command changes the maxBytesPerMsg property of the queue destination curlyQueue to 1000 and the maxNumMsgs property to 2000:

imqcmd update dst  -t q  -n curlyQueue  -u admin
                   -o maxBytesPerMsg=1000
                   -o maxNumMsgs=2000

Note –

The type of a physical destination is not an updatable property; you cannot use the imqcmd update dst subcommand to change a queue to a topic or a topic to a queue.