Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Administrative Clients

For administrative clients, you can establish a secure connection by including the -secure option when you invoke the imqcmd command: for example,

   imqcmd list svc  -b hostName:portNumber  -u userName  -secure

where userName is a valid ADMIN entry in the Message Queue user repository. The command will prompt you for the password.

Listing the connection services is a way to verify that the ssladmin service is running and that you can successfully make a secure administrative connection, as shown in Example 9–6.

Example 9–6 Connection Services Listing

Listing all the services on the broker specified by:

Host                 Primary Port
localhost            7676

Service Name     Port Number       Service State
admin            33984 (dynamic)   RUNNING
httpjms          -                 UNKNOWN
httpsjms         -                 UNKNOWN
jms              33983 (dynamic)   RUNNING
ssladmin         35988 (dynamic)   RUNNING
ssljms           dynamic           UNKNOWN

Successfully listed services.