Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Broker Address List

The most important connection handling attribute is imqAddressList, which specifies the broker or brokers to which to establish a connection. The value of this attribute is a string containing a broker address or (in the case of a broker cluster) multiple addresses separated by commas. Broker addresses can use a variety of addressing schemes, depending on the connection service to be used (see Configuring Connection Services) and the method of establishing a connection:

These addressing schemes are summarized in Table 18–2.

The general format for each broker address is


where scheme is one of the addressing schemes listed above and address denotes the broker address itself. The exact syntax for specifying the address varies depending on the addressing scheme, as shown in the “Description” column of Table 18–2. Table 18–3 shows examples of the various address formats.

In a multiple-broker cluster environment, the address list can contain more than one broker address. If the first connection attempt fails, the Message Queue client runtime will attempt to connect to another address in the list, and so on until the list is exhausted. Two additional connection factory attributes control the way this is done: