Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Periodic Testing (Pinging) of Connections

The Message Queue client runtime can be configured to periodically test, or “ping,” a connection, allowing connection failures to be detected preemptively before an attempted message transmission fails. Such testing is particularly important for client applications that only consume messages and do not produce them, since such applications cannot otherwise detect when a connection has failed. Clients that produce messages only infrequently can also benefit from this feature.

The connection factory attribute imqPingInterval specifies the frequency, in seconds, with which to ping a connection. By default, this interval is set to 30 seconds; a value of -1 disables the ping operation.

The response to an unsuccessful ping varies from one operating-system platform to another. On some platforms, an exception is immediately thrown to the client application’s exception listener. (If the client does not have an exception listener, its next attempt to use the connection will fail.) Other platforms may continue trying to establish a connection to the broker, buffering successive pings until one succeeds or the buffer overflows.