Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Connection Service Management

Table 15–5 lists the imqcmd subcommands for managing connection services.

Table 15–5 Command Utility Subcommands for Connection Service Management



pause svc -n serviceName

    [-b hostName:portNumber]

Pause connection service

The admin connection service cannot be paused.

resume svc -n serviceName

    [-b hostName:portNumber]

Resume connection service

update svc -n serviceName

    [-b hostName:portNumber]

    -o property1=value1

    [ [-o property2=value2] … ]

Set connection service properties

See Connection Properties for information on connection service properties.

list svc [-b hostName:portNumber]

List connection services available on broker

query svc -n serviceName

    [-b hostName:portNumber]

List connection service property values

metrics svc -n serviceName

    [-b hostName:portNumber]

    [-m metricType]

    [-int interval]

    [-msp numSamples]

Display connection service metrics

The -m option specifies the type of metrics to display:

    ttl: Messages and packets flowing into and out of the broker by way of the specified connection service

    rts: Rate of flow of messages and packets into and out of the broker per second by way of the specified connection service

    cxn: Connections, virtual memory heap, and threads

Default value: ttl.

The -int option specifies the interval, in seconds, at which to display metrics. Default value: 5.

The -msp option specifies the number of samples to display. Default value: Unlimited (infinite).