Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

General Command Utility Options

The additional options listed in Table 15–3 can be applied to any subcommand of the imqcmd command.

Table 15–3 General Command Utility Options




Use secure connection to broker with ssladmin connection service

-u userName

User name for authentication 

If this option is omitted, the Command utility will prompt for it interactively.  

-passfile path

Location of password file 

See Password Files for more information.


Set connection-related system property that affects how imqcomd creates a connection to the broker. Not used to set broker configuration properties.

Usually overrides connection factory attributes for imqcmd client runtime. For example, the option in the following command changes the default value of imqSSLIsTrusted:

imqcmd list svc -secure -DimqSSLIsTrusted=true

-rtm timeoutInterval

Initial timeout interval, in seconds 

This is the initial length of time that the Command utility will wait for a reply from the broker before retrying a request. Each subsequent retry will use a timeout interval that is a multiple of this initial interval.  

Default value: 10.

-rtr numRetries

Number of retries to attempt after a broker request times out 

Default value: 5.

-javahome path

Location of alternative Java runtime

Default behavior: Use runtime installed on system or bundled with Message Queue.


Perform action without user confirmation 


Silent mode (no output displayed) 


Display version information [Any other options specified on the command line are ignored. ] , [User name and password not needed]


Display usage help,


Display expanded usage help, including attribute list and examples,