Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide


This section describes possible problems with an HTTP or HTTPS connection and provides guidance on how to handle them.

Server or Broker Failure

The consequences of a server or broker failure in an (HTTP or HTTPS) connection vary depending on the specific component that has failed:

Client Failure to Connect Through the Tunnel Servlet

If an HTTPS client cannot connect to the broker through the tunnel servlet, do the following:

ProcedureIf a Client Cannot Connect

  1. Start the tunnel servlet and the broker.

  2. Use a browser to access the servlet manually through the tunnel servlet URL.

  3. Use the following administrative commands to pause and resume the connection:

       imqcmd pause svc   -n httpsjms  -u admin
       imqcmd resume svc  -n httpsjms  -u admin

    When the service resumes, an HTTPS client should be able to connect to the broker through the tunnel servlet.