Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Add a New Broker to a Conventional Cluster Without a Cluster Configuration File

  1. (Optional) Set the values of the following properties in the new broker’s instance configuration file ( :


      imq.cluster.masterbroker (if necessary)

      imq.cluster.transport (if you are using a secure cluster connection service)

    When the newly added broker starts, it connects and exchanges data with all the other brokers in the imq.cluster.brokerlist value.

  2. Modify the imq.cluster.brokerlist property of other brokers in the cluster to include the new broker.

    This step is not strictly necessary to add a broker to a functioning cluster. However, should any broker need to be restarted, its imq.cluster.brokerlist value must include all other brokers in the cluster, including the newly added broker.

  3. Start the new broker.

    If you did not perform step 1, use the -D option on the imqbrokerd command line to set the property values listed there.