Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Connect Brokers from the Command Line

  1. If you are using a master broker, start it with the imqbrokerd command, using the -cluster option to specify the complete list of brokers to be included in the cluster.

    For example, the following command starts the broker as part of a cluster consisting of the brokers running at the default port (7676) on host1, at port 5000 on host2, and at port 9876 on the default host (localhost):

       imqbrokerd  -cluster host1,host2:5000,:9876
  2. Once the master broker (if any) is running, start each of the other brokers in the cluster with the imqbrokerd command, using the same list of brokers with the -cluster option that you used for the master broker.

    The value specified for the -cluster option must be the same for all brokers in the cluster.