Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Adding and Removing Brokers in an Enhanced Cluster

Because enhanced clusters are self-configuring, the procedures for adding and removing brokers are simpler than for a conventional cluster.

ProcedureTo Add a New Broker to an Enhanced Cluster

  1. Set the new broker’s high-availability-related properties, as described in the preceding section.

    You can do this either by specifying the individual properties in the broker’s instance configuration file ( or, if there is a cluster configuration file, by setting the broker’s imq.cluster.url property to point to it.

  2. Start the new broker with the imqbrokerd command.

    The broker will automatically register itself into the cluster on startup.

ProcedureTo Remove a Broker from an Enhanced Cluster

  1. Make sure the broker is not running.

    If necessary, use the command

       imqcmd shutdown bkr

    to shut down the broker.

  2. Remove the broker from the cluster with the command

       imqdbmgr remove bkr

    This command deletes all database tables for the corresponding broker.