Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Enhanced Clusters: JDBC Configuration Properties

The persistent data store for an enhanced cluster is maintained on a highly-available JDBC database.

The highly-availabile database may be Sun’s MySQL Cluster Edition or High Availability Session Store (HADB), or it may be an open-source or third-party product such as Oracle Corporation’s Real Application Clusters (RAC). As described in JDBC-Based Persistence Properties, the imq.persist.jdbc.dbVendor broker property specifies the name of the database vendor, and all of the remaining JDBC-related properties are qualified with this vendor name.

The JDBC-related properties are discussed under JDBC-Based Persistence Properties and summarized in Table 16–6. See the example configurations for MySQL and HADB in Example 8–1 and Example 8–2, respectively.

Note –

In setting JDBC-related properties for an enhanced cluster, note the following vendor-specific issues: