Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Static JMX Service URL: Using an RMI Registry

When using an RMI Registry to store a JMX connector stub, the urlpath portion of the JMX service URL (see The JMX Service URL) does not change across broker startups and has the following form:


This path consists of two segments:

Example D–1 JMX Service URL When Using an RMI Registry

The following example shows the JMX service URL for the default jmxrmi connector in the case where an RMI registry is started on port 1098 on a host called yourhost:

# imqbrokerd -startRmiRegistry -rmiRegistryPort 1098

% imqcmd list jmx -u admin -passfile /myDir/psswds
Listing JMX Connectors on the broker specified by:

Host         Primary Port
localhost    7676

Name      Active URL
jmxrmi    true   service:jmx:rmi://yourhost/jndi/rmi://yourhost:1098
ssljmxrmi false

Successfully listed JMX Connectors.

The JMX service URL could potentially contain a hostname and port three separate times, indicating the location of the JMX connector, the RMI registry, and the broker, respectively.