Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Display Information About a JDBC-Based Data Store

You can display information about a JDBC-based data store using the Database Manager utility (imqdbmgr) as follows:

  1. Change to the directory where the Database Manager utility resides, depending on your platform:

      Solaris: cd /usr/bin

      Linux: cd /opt/sun/mq/bin

      AIX: cd IMQ_HOME/bin

      Windows: cd IMQ_HOME\bin

  2. Enter the imqdbmgr command:

    imqdbmgr query

    The output should resemble the following

    dbmgr query
    [04/Oct/2005:15:30:20 PDT] Using plugged-in persistent store:
            database connection url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@Xhome:1521:mqdb
            database user=scott
    Running in standalone mode.
    Database tables have already been created.