Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Inspect the Dead Message Queue

A number of troubleshooting procedures involve an inspection of the dead message queue (mq.sys.dmq). The following procedure explains how to carry out such an inspection by using the QBrowser demo application.

  1. Locate the QBrowser demo application.

    See Appendix A, Platform-Specific Locations of Message Queue Data and look in the tables for “Example Applications and Locations.”

  2. Run the QBrowser application.

    Here is an example invocation on the Windows platform:

    cd \MessageQueue3\demo\applications\qbrowser java QBrowser

    The QBrowser main window appears.

  3. Select the queue name mq.sys.dmq and click Browse.

    A list like the following appears:

    QBrowser showing messages for mq.sys.dmq. For each message,
there is a number, time stamp, type, mode, and priority.
  4. Double-click any message to display details about that message:

    The display should resemble the following:

    Message details window. Top pane shows message; middle
pane shows its properties; bottom pane contains message.

    You can inspect the Message Properties pane to determine the reason why the message was placed in the dead message queue.