Sun GlassFish Enterprise Manager Performance Advisor 1.0 Installation and Quick Start Guide

Downloading and Installing the Performance Advisor

The Performance Advisor is available for download to Sun customers with any of these entitlements:

    To download and install this component, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SunSolve site at

  2. Click on the Accept button to accept the SunSolve license agreement.

  3. Click on the Login link in the right column and enter your support username and password.

  4. Click on the Patches and Updates link in the right column.

  5. Enter the Performance Advisor patch number, 140751–01, in the PatchFinder field and click on the Find Patch button.

  6. Click on the HTTP link next to Download Patch.

    A file named 140751– is copied to your machine.

  7. Unzip the 140751– file. For example:

    unzip 140751–

    The unzipped contents consist of an archive file named performance-advisor.jar and several other files.

  8. Place the performance-advisor.jar file in the as-install/lib directory, where as-install is the directory in which the Enterprise Server was installed.

    Note –

    Do not rename the performance-advisor.jar file.

  9. Restart the domain. You can use the following asadmin commands.

    asadmin stop-domain domain1
    asadmin start-domain domain1

    For more information about the asadmin stop-domain and asadmin start-domain commands, see the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Reference Manual.

After successful installation, the Performance Advisor node appears in the left pane of the Admin Console. This node has two sub-nodes, Management Rules and Tuner.