Sun GlassFish Enterprise Manager SNMP Monitoring 1.0 Installation and Quick Start Guide

Installing SNMP Monitoring

To install SNMP monitoring, deploy the __assnmp.war file as you would any other web application.

You can use the asadmin deploy command. For example:

asadmin deploy __assnmp.war

For more information about the asadmin deploy command, see the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Reference Manual.

    To use the Admin Console, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Applications component.

  2. Go to the Web Applications page.

  3. Click on the Deploy button.

  4. Next to Location:, make sure that Packaged file to be uploaded to the server is selected.

  5. Enter the location of the __assnmp.war file in the Location: field, or use the Browse... button to locate it.

  6. If you have installed the cluster or enterprise profile and are deploying to a cluster or multiple server instances, go to Targets at the bottom of the page and select targets.

  7. Select the OK button.

For more information about using SNMP monitoring with clusters, see the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Manager SNMP Monitoring 1.0 Reference.