Sun GlassFish Enterprise Manager SNMP Monitoring 1.0 Installation and Quick Start Guide

Changing the SNMP Logging Level

SNMP monitoring logs its messages to the Enterprise Server log file, server.log. This component uses three loggers:

Use the following asadmin set commands to set log levels for these loggers. Substitute the name of the server instance for server. For example, on a Solaris or Linux installation you would specify commands like the following:

asadmin set\\.enterprise\\.system\\.tools\\.admin\\.snmp=WARNING

asadmin set\\.enterprise\\.system\\.tools\\.admin\\.snmp\\.

asadmin set\\.enterprise\\.system\\.tools\\.admin\\.snmp\\.

Note –

On a Windows system, use a single backslash (\) as an escape character, not a double backslash (\\).

For more information about the asadmin set command, see the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Reference Manual.