Sun GlassFish Enterprise Manager SNMP Monitoring 1.0 Installation and Quick Start Guide

Changing Monitoring Levels

Set Enterprise Server monitoring levels to get accessible GlassFish SNMP data as follows:

All j2eeJVMStatTable data is always displayed regardless of the JVM monitoring setting.

Use the following asadmin set commands to set monitoring levels. Substitute the name of the configuration for server-config. For example:

asadmin set server-config.monitoring-service.module-monitoring-levels.web-container=HIGH
asadmin set server-config.monitoring-service.module-monitoring-levels.ejb-container=HIGH
asadmin set server-config.monitoring-service.module-monitoring-levels.transaction-service=HIGH
asadmin set server-config.monitoring-service.module-monitoring-levels.connector-connection-pool=HIGH
asadmin set server-config.monitoring-service.module-monitoring-levels.jdbc-connection-pool=HIGH
asadmin set server-config.monitoring-service.module-monitoring-levels.jvm=HIGH

For more information about the asadmin set command, see the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 Reference Manual.

    To use the Admin Console, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Monitoring page for your configuration.

  2. Change the value to HIGH in the drop-down list for any or all of the following settings:

    • JVM

    • Transaction Service

    • JMS/Connector Service

    • Web Container

    • EJB Container

    • JDBC Connection Pool

  3. Select the Save button.