Sun GlassFish Enterprise Manager SNMP Monitoring 1.0 Reference

Attributes of j2eeDomTable

Table 3 j2eeDomTable Attributes

Attribute Name 

Object Identifier (OID) 



The unique identifier for each Java EE management domain entry. This attribute is not accessible. 


The name of the domain. 


The enterprise number assigned by IANA to the Java EE platform vendor for this domain. The value should be, where x is the enterprise number.


This flag is true if the domain is state-manageable. 


This flag is true if the domain provides statistics. 


This flag is true if the domain supports events. 


The status of the domain, which is based on the state of all of the servers within the domain. If all servers are in the running (4) state, the domain's state is running (4). Otherwise, the domain's state is the least functional state that one or more of its servers is at. The states, ordered from most to least functional are: running (4), starting (5), other (1), stopping (6), stopped (3), failed (2).


A sequence of octets, following the SNMPv2-TC DateAndTime format, representing the date and time to the nearest hundredth of a second, at which the domain has most recently entered the running (4) state.

This attribute has the value NOT_APPLICABLE if the value of j2eeDomSMState is not running (4).