Sun GlassFish Enterprise Manager SNMP Monitoring 1.0 Reference

Monitoring the Domain Administration Server

Before you can monitor the DAS (whose name is server), you must enable SNMP monitoring on the DAS by deploying the __assnmp.war module:

asadmin deploy ./__assnmp.war

To monitor the DAS, use the SNMP adapter port for the DAS, which is 10161 unless the default has been changed. When you monitor the DAS, you get the complete view of the domain, domain1. You get SNMP data for all the servers in the domain, including the DAS. For example, the following snmpwalk command retrieves data for all the servers in the domain.

snmpwalk -c public -v 1 -m ./J2EE-MIB localhost:10161 J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvTable

The output looks like this:

J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoName.1.1 = STRING: "name=server"
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoName.1.2 = STRING: "cluster=cluster1,name=clustered-instance2"
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoName.1.3 = STRING: "cluster=cluster1,name=clustered-instance1"
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoName.1.4 = STRING: "name=standalone-instance1"
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvEnterprise.1.1 = OID: J2EE-MIB::sun
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvEnterprise.1.2 = OID: J2EE-MIB::sun
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvEnterprise.1.3 = OID: J2EE-MIB::sun
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvEnterprise.1.4 = OID: J2EE-MIB::sun
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvVendor.1.1 = STRING: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvVendor.1.2 = STRING: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvVendor.1.3 = STRING: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvVendor.1.4 = STRING: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvVersion.1.1 = STRING: Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvVersion.1.2 = STRING: Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvVersion.1.3 = STRING: Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvVersion.1.4 = STRING: Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoStateManaged.1.1 = INTEGER: true(1)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoStateManaged.1.2 = INTEGER: true(1)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoStateManaged.1.3 = INTEGER: true(1)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoStateManaged.1.4 = INTEGER: true(1)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoStatProv.1.1 = INTEGER: false(2)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoStatProv.1.2 = INTEGER: false(2)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoStatProv.1.3 = INTEGER: false(2)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoStatProv.1.4 = INTEGER: false(2)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoEventProv.1.1 = INTEGER: false(2)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoEventProv.1.2 = INTEGER: false(2)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoEventProv.1.3 = INTEGER: false(2)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvMoEventProv.1.4 = INTEGER: false(2)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvSMState.1.1 = INTEGER: running(4)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvSMState.1.2 = INTEGER: running(4)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvSMState.1.3 = INTEGER: running(4)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvSMState.1.4 = INTEGER: running(4)
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvSMStartTime.1.1 = STRING: "Tue Jan 27 08:52:43 PST 2009"
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvSMStartTime.1.2 = STRING: "Tue Jan 27 08:56:42 PST 2009"
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvSMStartTime.1.3 = STRING: "Tue Jan 27 08:56:43 PST 2009"
J2EE-MIB::j2eeSrvSMStartTime.1.4 = STRING: "Tue Jan 27 08:56:42 PST 2009"