Sun GlassFish Enterprise Manager Performance Advisor 1.0 Release Notes


When a JDBC Pool Manager rule is established on a cluster, Maximum Pool Size (max-pool-size) recalculation issues occur when * (applies to All Current and Future JDBC Connection Pools) is selected and a new JDBC connection pool is added to the cluster configuration. Since all pools are selected for automatic tuning, the Maximum Pool Size of the new pool is set to the default Maximum Pool Size setting instead of being calculated according to number of server instances present in the cluster. For example, suppose you have the following settings:

If there are two server instances in the cluster, then for all existing active JDBC connection pools, the Maximum Pool Size is recalculated to 50 by each of the instances. However, for any newly added JDBC connection pool, the Maximum Pool Size is recalculated to 100 by each of the instances.