Sun GlassFish Portfolio Release Notes


The Sun GlassFish Portfolio provides the middleware services and software needed to deliver Web applications throughout an enterprise. The following components are included in the Sun GlassFish Portfolio:

Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server

Enterprise Server is the leading opensource platform for building and deploying next-generation applications and services. More information on GlassFish Enterprise Server

Sun GlassFish Web Stack

Web Stack is an integrated stack of popular opensource, Web-tier infrastructure technologies such as Apache HTTP server, MySQL, memcached, PHP, and Ruby. More information on Web Stack

Sun Web Server

Web Server improves Web security, enhances the end-user experience, and reduces the cost and complexity of deploying and managing Web applications. More information on Web Server

Sun Web Proxy Server

Web Proxy Server caches and filters Web content for e-commerce solutions, enterprise customers, or Internet Service Providers (ISPs). More information on Web Proxy Server

Sun Message Queue

Message Queue enables loosely coupled applications to reliably exchange messages and to scale cost-effectively. More information on Message Queue

Sun GlassFish Web Space Server

Web Space Server is a new class of portal that enables users to define their own Web spaces. More information on Web Space Server

Sun GlassFish Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

ESB is a pluggable integration platform that incorporates the Java Business Integration (JBI) standard to allow loosely-coupled components to communicate with each other through standards-based messaging. More information on ESB

Sun GlassFish HADB

An add-on product, HADB is a database used by Enterprise Server as a highly available data store for HTTP session and stateful session bean data.

Enterprise Manager

An add-on product, Enterprise Manager is a collection of tools for performance monitoring and tuning. Includes Performance Advisor, Performance Monitor, and SNMP Monitoring. More information on Enterprise Manager