Sun GlassFish Message Queue 4.4 Developer's Guide for C Clients

Header Files and Shared Libraries

The Message Queue C client includes the header files (mqcrt.h), the C client runtime shared library mqcrt, and its direct dependency libraries. When writing a Message Queue C client application, you should include the header files and link to the runtime library mqcrt.

The installed locations of the header files and the supporting runtime library depends on the installation method and platform, as listed in the next table.

Table 1–1 Locations of C-API Libraries and Header Files

Installation Method and Platform 


Header File 

IPS image on Solaris 86

IMQ_HOME/lib (32–bit)

IMQ_HOME/lib/amd64 (64–bit)


IPS image on Solaris SPARC

IMQ_HOME/lib (32–bit)

IMQ_HOME/lib/sparcv9 (64–bit)


IPS image on other platforms



Solaris SVR4 packages on Solaris x86

/opt/SUNWimq/lib (32–bit)

/opt/SUNWimq/lib/amd64 (64–bit)


Solaris SVR4 packages on Solaris SPARC

/opt/SUNWimq/lib (32–bit)

/opt/SUNWimq/lib/sparcv9 (64–bit)


Linux rpm packages on Linux