Sun GlassFish Message Queue 4.4 Developer's Guide for C Clients

Use of Selectors (Message Filtering)

Application developers can have the messaging provider sort messages according to criteria specified in the message selector associated with a consumer and deliver to that consumer only those messages whose property value matches the message selector. For example, if an application creates a subscriber to the topic WidgetOrders and specifies the expression NumberOfOrders >1000 for the message selector, messages with a NumberOfOrders property value of 1001 or more are delivered to that subscriber.

Creating consumers with selectors lowers performance (as compared to using multiple destinations) because additional processing is required to handle each message. When a selector is used, it must be parsed so that it can be matched against future messages. Additionally, the message properties of each message must be retrieved and compared against the selector as each message is routed. However, using selectors provides more flexibility in a messaging application and may lower resource requirements at the expense of speed.

In our tests, performance results were affected by the use of selectors only in the case of nondurable subscribers, which ran about 33% faster without selectors. For durable subscribers and for queue consumers, performance was not affected by the use of selectors. For more information on using selectors, see Using Selectors Efficiently