Sun GlassFish Message Queue 4.4 Developer's Guide for C Clients


The MQGetMetaData function returns name and version information for the current Message Queue service to which a client is connected.

MQGetMetaData (const MQConnectionHandle connectionHandle,
                     MQPropertiesHandle * propertiesHandle)

Return Value

MQStatus. See the MQStatusIsError() function for more information.



The handle to the connection that you want the information about.


Output parameter that contains the properties handle.

The Message Queue product you are using is identified by a name and a version number. For example: “Sun Java(tm) System Message Queue 3.5.1.” The version number consists of a major, minor, micro, and update release component. For example, the major part of version 3.5.1. is 3; the minor is 5; and the micro is 1. For release 3.7 UR1, the major part is 3; the minor is 7; and the update release is 1.

The name and version information of the Message Queue product are set by the library when you call the MQCreateConnection() function to create the connection. You can retrieve this information by calling the MQGetMetaData function and passing a properties handle. Once the function returns and passes the handle back, you can use one of the MQGet...Properties functions to determine the value of a property (key). These properties are described in Table 4–2.