Sun GlassFish Message Queue 4.4 Developer's Guide for C Clients


The MQGetStatusCode function returns the error code associated with specified status.

MQError MQGetStatusCode(const MQStatus status);



The status returned by any Message Queue function that returns an MQStatus.

Having found that a Message Queue function has not returned successfully, you can determine the reason by passing the return status. This function will return the error code associated with the specified status. These codes are listed and described in Appendix A, Message Queue C API Error Codes.

Some functions might return an MQStatus that contains an NSPR or NSS library error code instead of a Message Queue error code when they fail. For NSPR and NSS library error codes, the MQGetStatusString function will return the symbolic name of the NSPR or NSS library error code. See NSPR and NSS public documentation for NSPR and NSS error code symbols and their interpretation at the following locations:

To obtain an MQString that describes the error, use the MQGetStatusString() function. To get an error trace associated with the error, use the MQGetErrorTrace() function.