Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Troubleshooting Guide

Server Will Not Start on Windows (Port Conflict)

If a message similar to the following is displayed when starting the Enterprise Server on Microsoft Windows, a server port conflict has occurred:

Address already in use

This error occurs when another application is running on the Application Server port (default 8080), or because a previous instance of the Enterprise Server did not shut down cleanly.

Other things to check include the following:

Is Another Application Running on the Server's Port?

If another application is using the server's port, stop the other application, then restart the Application Server.

Note –

The installer attempts to avoid port conflicts by choosing the next available port when the default port is in use—but that only works if application using the default port was running when the Enterprise Server was installed.

Has an Ungraceful Shutdown Occurred on a Previously Running Server?

Use the asadmin stop-domain command to stop the server, or explicitly kill the Java process and then restart the Enterprise Server.