Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Upgrade Guide


The upgrade tool transfers the realms and role mapping configurations, any custom realm classes, and file-based user keyfiles for each domain. The XML tag, security-service, defines the realms and role mapping configuration. This tag is defined in sun-server_1_0.dtd and sun-domain_1_0.dtd. For Application Server 8, the tag data resides in the server.xml and for in Enterprise Server, in domain.xml.

The upgrade tool locates the class file defined for custom realms and makes it available to the Enterprise Server environment. The custom realm class is defined in the class name attribute of tag auth-realm. In the security-service tag, the default-realm attribute points to the realm the server is using. It must point to one of the configured auth-realm names. The default realm is file If the class name for default-realm cannot be found, the upgrade tool will log this as an error.

The package names of the security realm implementations have been renamed from in Application Server 8 to in Enterprise Server. Custom realms written using the com.iplanet.* classes must be modified.

The class has been removed.

The authenticate method implementation has changed as follows:

    * Perform authentication decision.
    * <P> Note: AuthenticationStatus and AuthenticationStatusImpl
    * classes have been removed.
    * Method returns silently on success and returns a LoginException
    * on failure.
    * @return void authenticate returns silently on 
    *               successful authentication.
    * @throws LoginException on authentication failure.
abstract protected void authenticate()
    throws LoginException;