Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Upgrade Guide

To Upgrade From the Command Line

To run Upgrade Tool in command-line mode, use the -c option. You can run the upgrade tool in command-line mode using the following syntax:

[--console ] 
[--version ] 
[--help ] 
[--source applicationserver_installation_domaindirectory] 
[--target enterpriseserver_v2.1.1_installation] 
[--adminuser enterpriseserver_v2.1.1_admin_user_name]
[--passwordfile passwords.txt]

The following table describes the command options in greater detail, including the short form, the long form, and a description.

Table 2–3 asupgrade Utility Command Options

Short Form  

Long Form  




Launches the upgrade command line utility. 

-v or -V 


The version of the Upgrade Tool. 



Displays the arguments for launching the upgrade utility. 



The domains directory of the Application Server 9.1 Update 1 installation. 



The installation directory of the older Application Server installation. 



The admin user for the source server.  



The file containing the admin password and the master password. 

The following examples show how to use the asupgrade command-line utility to upgrade an existing application server installation to Enterprise Server v2.1.1.

This example shows how to perform a side-by-side upgrade of a Sun GlassFishApplication Server 8.x installation to Enterprise Server v2.1.1.

asupgrade -c --source /home/sunas8.2/domains/domain1 --target /home/sjsas9.1/domains