Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Upgrade Guide

Application Client Interoperability

Application clients use EJBs, web services, or other enterprise components that are in the application server (on the server side). The application client and the application server must use the same version and implementation of the RMI-IIOP protocol. Enterprise Server does not support communication between different versions of the protocol implementation. You cannot run application clients with one version of the application server runtime with a server that has a different version. Most often, this would happen if you upgraded the server but had not upgraded all the application client installations.

You can use the Java Web Start support to distribute and launch the application client. If the runtime on the server has changed since the end-user last used the application client, Java Web Start automatically retrieves the updated runtime. Java Web Start enables you to keep the clients and servers synchronized and using the same runtime.