Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Upgrade Guide

Cluster Profile Security Setting

When you upgrade a cluster domain from Application Server 9.1/GlassFish v2 to Enterprise Serverv2.1.1, you could encounter problems because the security setting is incorrect for the admin-service whose type attribute is das-and server in the target domain.xml. The solution is to edit the domain.xml file in the corresponding upgraded domain and correct the setting of the security-enabled attribute. Look for the following statements in the domain.xml file.

<admin-service system-jmx-connector-name="system" type="das-and-server">
<|-- The JSR 160 "system-jmx-connector"-->
<jmx-connector accept-all="false" address=""
auth-realm-name="admin-realm" enabled=true" name="system" port="8686"
protocol="rmi_jrmp" security-enabled="true">