Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 High Availability Administration Guide

Additional Health Check Properties for Healthy Instances

The health checker created by create-http-health-checker only checks unhealthy instances. To periodically check healthy instances, set some additional properties in your exported loadbalancer.xml file.

Note –

These properties can only be set by manually editing loadbalancer.xml after you’ve exported it. There is no equivalent asadmin command to use.

To check healthy instances, set the following properties.

Table 5–3 Health-checker Manual Properties




True/false flag indicating whether to ping healthy server instances to determine whether they are healthy. To ping server instances, set the flag to true. 


Specifies how many times the load balancer’s health checker pings an unresponsive server instance before marking it unhealthy. Valid range is between 1 and 1000. A default value to set is 3. 

Set the properties by using the asadmin set command. For example:

asadmin set

asadmin set

If you add these properties, then subsequently edit and export the loadbalancer.xml file again, the newly exported configuration won’t contain these properties. You must add these properties again to the newly exported configuration.