Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Administration Reference

The sun-domain_1_5.dtd File

The sun-domain_1_5.dtd file defines the structure of the domain.xml file, including the elements it can contain and the subelements and attributes these elements can have. The sun-domain_1_5.dtd file is located in the as-install/lib/dtds directory.

Note –

Do not edit the sun-domain_1_5.dtd file; its contents change only with new versions of the Enterprise Server.

The sun-domain_1_5.dtd interface is unstable. An unstable interface might be experimental or transitional, and hence might change incompatibly, be removed, or be replaced by a more stable interface in the next release.

Elements or attributes that appear in the sun-domain_1_5.dtd file but are not described in this chapter are not implemented and should not be used.

For general information about DTD files and XML, see the XML specification.