Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Administration Guide

JMS Physical Destinations

For production purposes, always create physical destinations. During the development and testing phase, however, this step is not required. The first time that an application accesses a destination resource, Message Queue automatically creates the physical destination specified by the Name property of the destination resource. The physical destination is temporary and expires after a period specified by a Message Queue configuration property.

To create a physical destination from the Admin Console, select Configuration > Java Message Service > Physical Destinations. In the Create Physical Destinations page, specify a name for the physical destination and choose the type of destination, which can be topic or queue. For more details about the fields and properties in the Physical Destinations page, refer the Admin Console Online Help.

To manage JMS physical destinations using the command-line utility, use create-jmsdest, flush-jmsdest, or delete-jmsdest command.