Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Administration Guide

List and Status Commands

The list and status commands display the status of a deployed component.

Table C–3 List and Status Commands




Gets the status of the deployed component. The status is a string representation returned by the server. The possible status strings include status of app-name is enabled or status of app-name is disabled.


Lists all deployed Java EE 5 components. If the -‐typeoption is not specified, all components are listed.


Lists EJBs or Servlets in a deployed module or in a module of the deployed application. If a module is not identified, all modules are listed. 


Enables the specified component. If the component is already enabled, then it is re-enabled. The component must have been deployed in order to be enabled. If it has not been deployed, then an error message is returned. 


Immediately disables the named component. The component must have been deployed. If the component has not been deployed, an error message is returned. 


Marks a variable name for automatic export to the environment of subsequent commands. All subsequent commands use the variable name value as specified unless you unset them or exit multimode. 


Gets the names and values of attributes. 


Sets the values of one or more configurable attribute. 


Lists the configurable element. On Solaris, quotes are needed when executing commands with * as the option value or operand.


Removes one or more variables you set for the multimode environment. The variables and their associated values will no longer exist in the environment.