Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Administration Guide

JBI Components

Service Engines

Service Engines are components that provide local services (that is, services within the JBI environment) and consume local or remote services.

Binding Components

Binding Components are proxies for consumers or providers that are outside the JBI environment. Binding components typically are based on a standard communications protocol, such as FTP, JMS, or SMTP, or a call to an external service, such as SAP or WebSphere MQ.

JBI components have the following lifecyle states:

The JBI Runtime persists the life cycle states of JBI Components. When the server shuts down and then restarts, JBI Components revert to their state at the time the Enterprise Server shut down.

Note –

The JBI runtime attempts to revert to the "desired" state of a JBI component. For example, suppose you tried to start a JBI component but it did not start due to an error in the component. If you restart the Enterprise Server, the JBI runtime attempts to start the component again.

You can do the following operations on the JBI components. For detailed steps, log on to the Admin Console, navigate to the JBI node, click Components and then click Online Help.

JBI Component Loggers

Using the Admin Console, you can manage the log levels for JBI Components. Some JBI Components provide several loggers while other components might not provide any. However, there will always be a logger level displayed for the entire component. But the logger level setting will only have an effect if a component implements its loggers based on the default name. The provider of a JBI Component might provide additional documentation on specifying logging levels.

Note –

The logging levels for JBI Components are often inherited from a parent logger such as the JBI logger. To view and set parent logging levels, in the Admin Console, select Common Tasks and then Application Server. Then, in the Enterprise Server panel, select Logging and then Log Levels. Look for the drop-down list for the JBI module to view and set the parent JBI logging level.