Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server v2.1.1 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Create an Administered Object Resource

Packaged within a resource adapter (connector module), an administered object provides specialized functionality for an application. For example, an administered object might provide access to a parser that is specific to the resource adapter and its associated EIS. The object can be administered; that is, it can be configured by an administrator. To configure the object, add name-value property pairs in the Create or Edit Admin Object Resource pages. When creating an administered object resource, associate the administered object to a JNDI name.

The Enterprise Server implements JMS by using resource adapter. For each JMS destination created, the Enterprise Server automatically creates an administered object resource.

  1. In the tree component, expand the Resources node and then the Connectors node.

  2. Expand the Admin Object Resources node.

  3. On the Admin Object Resources page, click New.

  4. On the Admin Object Resources page, specify the following settings:

    1. In the JNDI Name field, type a unique name that identifies the resource.

    2. In the Resource Type field, enter the Java type for the resource.

    3. From the Resource Adapter combo box, select the resource adapter that contains the administered object.

    4. Select or deselect the Status checkbox to enable or disable the resource.

    5. To configure the administered object with name-value property pairs, click Add Property.

    6. If you are using cluster profile, in the Targets section of the page, select the domain, cluster, or server instances where the administered object will reside, from the Available field and click Add.

      To undeploy the administered object to one of the domains, clusters, or server instances listed in the Selected field, select it from the field and click Remove.

    7. Click Finish.

Equivalent asadmin command