Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

imadmin Commands

Table C–1 lists and describes commands related to the imadmin command.

Table C–1 imadmin Commands and Descriptions



imadmin assign_services

If iim.policy.modules is set to identity, this command assigns Instant Messaging and presence services to existing users under the base DN you specify. The DN should be the base DN of the organization under which user entries are stored.

If iim.policy.modules is set to iim_ldap, and is set to ldap, this command adds objectclasses (sunIMUser, and sunPresenceUser) to user entries in the directory. Instant Messaging requires these objectclasses in order to store properties in LDAP.

imadmin status

(Previously imadmin check)

Checks to see if the components (server, multiplexor, agent-calendar, and watchdog) are up and running and displays the results. If you don’t specify a component, the imadmin utility returns information about all components.

imadmin start

Starts the enabled component(s). 

imadmin stop

Stops the enabled component(s). 

imadmin refresh

Refreshes the enabled component(s). 

imadmin start server

Starts only the server. 

imadmin stop server

Stops only the server. 

imadmin refresh server

Refreshes only the server. 

imadmin start multiplexor

Starts only the multiplexor. 

imadmin stop multiplexor

Stops only the multiplexor. 

imadmin refresh multiplexor

Refreshes only the multiplexor. 

imadmin start agent-calendar

Starts only the Calendar agent. 

imadmin stop agent-calendar

Stops only the Calendar agent. 

imadmin refresh agent-calendar

Refreshes only the Calendar agent. 

imadmin start watchdog

Starts only the watchdog. 

imadmin stop watchdog

Stops only the watchdog. 

imadmin refresh watchdog

Refreshes only the watchdog. 

imadmin version

Displays the version.