Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

About Calendar Server

Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 facilitates team collaboration by enabling users to manage and coordinate appointments, events, tasks, and resources. Through an integrated Web interface or connectors to other calendar clients (including Microsoft Outlook), Calendar Server enables end users to access their personal, public, or group calendars anytime from anywhere, from a Web browser. Deployments use Calendar Server, along with the Messaging Server and Instant Messaging, to offer users a comprehensive communications and collaborative environment.

Calendar Server currently ships with two native client user interfaces (UI):

Calendar Express has been deprecated in favor of the new Communications Express user interface. Going forward, no new features will be added to the Calendar Express user interface. Sun Microsystems, Inc. will announce an end-of-life time line for Calendar Express at a future date.

See Part III, Deploying Calendar Server for more information on Calendar Server concepts and other deployment aspects.