Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

How Instant Messaging Satisfies Business Needs

Instant Messaging software is closely integrated with Java Enterprise System, helping you to shorten the project life cycle and deploy new services affordably. In addition, Instant Messaging works with Portal Server, Access Manager, Messaging Server, and Calendar Server. This integration provides users with a full-featured, secure, scalable communications and collaboration services platform from a single vendor. The well-documented Java APIs included in Instant Messaging provide open standards for ease of integration, as well as multiple platform support, platform extensibility, and customization of real-time communications and collaboration features. These features can thus be embedded in existing applications or become the basis of new applications. Also, XMPP interoperability provides a great advantage to those businesses seeking to extend their ability to practice real-time communication with their partners and customers, many of which might have separate instant messaging systems.