Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Summary of Communications Suite Benefits

The Communications Suite components have been traditionally deployed in large-scale, carrier-class deployments. The same dependability required for the large-scale deployments can be used in the enterprise.

The following table summarizes the benefits provided by Communications Suite.

Table 1–1 How Communications Suite Benefits Your Organization

Key Feature  


High performance and scalability 

Enables efficient communications and improves quality of service for both enterprises and ISPs. 

Extensive security features 

Protects the integrity of communications and data and the privacy of employees, customers and partners, and enables compliance with industry regulations. 

Virtual domain hosting and delegated administration

Messaging Server, Calendar Server, and Instant Messaging enable you to host messaging for several companies on one server, or corporate IT to host multiple departments within the organization, reducing number of servers needed, and lowering TCO. 

Scalable, robust and extensible components 

Enables deployment of unified communication services, bringing together telephone services with email notification, faxing, paging, and other technologies. 

Extensible collaboration platform for scheduling events, and for managing tasks and resources 

Calendar Server improves time and resource management, and enhances user productivity. 

Group scheduling for meetings and events 

Calendar Server improves team collaboration and communication across the organization. 

Information sharing through hyperlinks in events or tasks 

Calendar Server facilitates collaboration through exchange of information relevant to tasks or events. 

Multiple client support 

Enables access from a wide variety of clients and devices such as web-based clients, multiple rich clients including Evolution and Microsoft Outlook, and web-enabled devices such as phones and PDAs. 

Open, modular, and standards-based architecture 

Enables customers to deploy customized and personalized solutions.