Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Using Portal Server with Communications Suite

You can install Communications Suite products with Portal Server to provide access to messaging and calendar services (by creating portlets in a portal page). For example, you can create these portlets to provide a summary of messaging information, calendar schedules, and address book information. The integration of Portal Server includes single sign-on capabilities between Portal Server, Calendar Express, Messenger Express, and the Communications Express client.

Note –

You can run Communications Express in both Sun Java System Schema 1 and Schema 2 environments. If you are using Schema 2, then you can use Access Manager authentication and single sign-on for Communications Express.

Portal Server also supports message archiving for Instant Messaging. In addition, the Messenger Express, Calendar Express, and Instant Messenger clients are made available to users through the Portal Server Desktop.

The following two components of Portal Server provide additional functionality to a basic Communications Suite deployment:

Note –

This guide does not discuss deploying Communications Suite in a portal environment. See the Portal Server documentation for more information.